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Cleaning is the first step.  Once your chimney, dryer vent or gutter systems have been thoroughly cleaned, we inspect for damage and will discuss options to repair or replace systems in disrepair.  We offer discounts where multiple repairs are needed.  Sometimes it is overwhelming when repairs are found and needing to be addressed.  We will help to restore your system to safe and operational, without hassle, GUARANTEED!

                      " S t a y S a f e  ,  S t a y W a r m "

Power Washing Procedures Depend On The Size And Type Of Project

Give us a chance to take a look at your project and discuss the best options for washing and sealing your chimney, deck, roof, walkway, driveway, siding, windows. . . etc.  No job is too big or too small!  We offer bio-degradable treatments, sealants and preventative measures to keep the outside of your home and property the way you imagined the first time you moved in.  NO MESS GUARANTEED!

Standard Chimney Cleaning Procedure

A Vacuum is placed outside the home.  Then a hose from the vacuum to the area being serviced is placed over tarps.  Once the vacuum is running, a brush specific to the size of flue, attached to various styles of chimney poles, will begin sweeping from the damper up to the top of the chimney.  Some applications require a top to bottom sweep, such as wood stoves.  Once the sweeping of the flue is complete, the smoke shelf, smoke chamber and the damper itself are cleaned and vacuumed removing debris. These are the hidden "hard to reach" areas of a fireplace.  Finally, shoveling the floor of the fireplace and vacuuming it completely.  The entire chimney system is now thoroughly inspected for structural faults and any necessary repairs.  We will go over the inspection report and take the time to answer all questions.  NO MESS GUARANTEED! 

Gutter Cleaning Procedure

We use a pressure washer to remove all debris from the inside of the gutter system.  Pressure washing removes the algae that grows on the bottom of gutters allowing proper water flow to the downspouts.  Downspouts are then cleared and checked for proper drainage.  The "valleys" of your roof are also cleared of debris to prolong the cleaning ensuring debris doesn't immediately clog what was just cleaned.  Finally, the outside face of the gutter system is pressure washed to remove unsightly algae and dirt spots making your gutters shine.  NO MESS GUARANTEED!

Dryer Vent Cleaning Procedure (Residential Homes)

The dryer is removed from the wall to inspect the vent tube connecting the dryer to the duct, usually in the wall or floor.  A specially designed brushed, attached to flexible nylon poles is used to scour the entire length of the duct work while a vacuum is running to collect all of the loose lint.  This process is repeated from the outside as well, ensuring all dryer lint is removed from the duct work.  NO MESS GUARANTEED!